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Ian Anstice of ‘Public Libraries News’ wanted an update to the design of his website and to add some more features, you can view the proposed three new design options for a WordPress site below

cms design public libraries news option 1
cms design public libraries news option 2
cms design public libraries news option 3

Ian was keen to follow a typical News Website style for the layout. He is also planning on expanding the amount of pages inside the website and so needed a main menu navigation bar that would enable him to display top level pages with drop-downs for content below. I’ve tried to keep the colours to a minimum, dark grey for the body text and combinations of navy blue and amber for highlighted links and headlines. I’ve also tried to keep the logo and simple as possible with no fuss.

Design Main Features
  • Design 1 – Features a big bold title in the header, orange grey and blue colour way with a slim right hand side bar.
  • Design 2 – Full width header and footer background, tabbed style navigation, wide sidebar with navy blue and various tints of grey.
  • Design 3 – A slightly different approach to the logo, more stripped back using Swiss font, a lighter blue and less cluttered content area.

Please leave a comment below if you wish to provide any feedback for Ian and help him decide on a preferred design!

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One thought on “News Website Design

  1. I’m delighted you are getting this help – many thanks to whoever it is.
    I prefer the first option – just brighter & more attractive, without any loss of content compared to the other 2
    (I hate having to click to get the gist of a story).
    My only peeve is that someone, sometime, has got to go thru your archive & make it searchable by topic in the side panel. The quality & usefulness of what’s in there is invaluable – but nobody is going to find it by date!!

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