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Mark Grimes, a personal trainer from Runcorn in Cheshire, contacted me when he decided he needed a fresh and professional logo for his business, you can see all of the 9 designs I created below

The Logo Brief

Following a brief chat with Mark I started to plan out the various options. Mark basically gave me a free hand to try any colour way, font family and graphic elements. He wanted his new logo design to be modern, clean and reflect his business.

I decided to try a wide variety of colours in the mix including red, green, blue, yellow and various shades of grey. First I set about selecting the best fonts. As usual one of the fist places I started off was Google Fonts which enabled me to narrow down my search. After selecting the best type faces and started working on the graphics. Finally I applied the colour and visual backgrounds before posting the designs here.

Here is a Brief Individual Outline of each Logo Design :

  1. With a navy blue textured background this design features an athletic silhouette, in vibrant tangerine with white lettering in Questrial font.
  2. Here I have focussed on the A in Apex removing the bar to reflect on height, the pinnacle ie “Apex” of personal training, hope this makes sense! The cherry background contrasts well with the ice white lettering, fonts used here are Josefin Sans.
  3. The blurred shades of green background work well here with the bold lettering, in Raleway sans bold and the white outlined aerobic is filled with a cherry red, all of which could easily be changed.
  4. Here I decided to use a light yellow background to make the graphic and lettering stand off the page more. The letters “ABP” are set on a slight curve pointing upwards.
  5. And now for something completely different, well I decided to try an alternative approach with this design but keep the colours nice and simple, hope you like it too!
  6. The font I used here, Quicksand, works really well with the colour scheme I opted for on this design. The graphic shape of a person training is almost pulling the word “apex” forward which I think expresses what the business is all about.
  7. The overall arrangement here is fairly straight forward and could easily colour changed from what you can see. I just thought the blue, red and white against the slate black background was dramatic.
  8. Second to last here I think this design will appeal to a lot of people. Its clean and simple and does what is says on the tin. The light grey background works nicely with the gun metal grey lettering and dark red running character. Comfortaa is the font of choice here, always one of my favourites.
  9. Finally with this design I might have saved the best until last in certain peoples opinions. I actually feel its no better or worse than any of the other 8 logo designs. The shades of blue and green sit comfortably with the light grey. Font used here is another of my favourites, good old Ubuntu!

Hopefully there will be something for everyone above. If you would like to leave a comment to help Mark with his decision then please use the box below, all feedback is welcome.

Thank You!

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