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Below you’ll see a set of logo design options I created for Jim Randle of Randle White Architects for his new domestic project management business based in Warrington

About the company

RW Building Services will provide project management for clients with small to medium sized budgets. Projects will range from domestic alterations to small home extensions. The idea for the business came about after several enquiries for such services from Jims’ architectural clients. With connections to numerous trades persons Jim will be able to organise a project on a clients behalf and ultimately save his client money in the process.

About the logo design

After reviewing the information provided by Jim and keeping in mind the places the new logo will need to be displayed I started sketching out some rough ideas. I decided to try and indicate somehow with simple graphics that the business manages all aspects of the building trade. I realised early on trying to represent different trades without getting messy was going to be a tough task.

The full names of the business, “RW Building Services”, can be broken into 3 main components. When any kind of graphic device is added to the mix keeping everything balanced requires a bit of careful arrangement. Triangular shapes are always good to work with so the apex roof of a domestic home features in many of the designs above. There weren’t any restrictions on colour so I experimented with a variety of ideas here.

Each individual logo explained

  1. The lettering on this one is set in Open Sans font with a #333 grey and the graphic device is a silhouetted hand over brightly coloured home icons behind each finger gradating left to right representing the trades.
  2. This is a simple design in only 2 colours #0099CC blue and #6D6E71 cool grey. The “RW” letters are cut out of a split shape, blue for the sky and grey for the land or building. Fonts used are Hand of Sean and Asap bold.
  3. This idea started as a sketch of a home with an extension to the left. Originally the lettering was set below separately but I decided to simplify everything and include it inside a block with a continuous green gradient. The font I used her is Maven Pro medium.
  4. An extension to the side of a home is again shown here on this isometric graphic with light grey surround. The contrast between warm #FC721C orange, #CD1E3B red and #888 grey works nicely. Noto Sans bold and regular are my fonts of choice here.
  5. A simple light green ribbon arranged as the roof of a roof is placed above clean lettering lettering, it also works well in reverse. Fonts are Big Caslon Medium and Cabin semibold.
  6. Five home icons arranged top left of the “R” are intended to represent the various trades required for a building project. Font used is again Cabin in bold and italic. There is much else to add here other than it works well in reverse too.
  7. The colours I’ve chosen here would not typically be used in the building and construction industry logo but I decided its worth trying something a little different. A simple home icon at 45° cuts into the top right corner of the main panel. The font is Convergence-Regular and the colours are white, #4E7693 blue and #32223C deep purple.
  8. Contrasting colours in bright sky blue and white against a slate grey work equally well in reverse. A house roof top combined into the outer border of the elipse and blue sky gradient echo’s the “building services” tagline underneath.
  9. Finally I decided to experiment with gradients again to see how things shaped up. Its quite a conceptual design but started out as a simple arrangement of lettering with a solid panel. In my opinion it would be just fine as it is but could also be the starting point for something more conservative. Fonts are Cabin and Cochin.

I hope as usual you like some if not all of the designs on this page. If you have any comments and feedback you would like to add please use the comments box below or get in touch via the contact form.

Many thanks!

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