9 Logo Designs for Runcorn Engineering Company

You can see a collection of logo design options below for Mantar Engineering Ltd, a company providing maintenance services for complex conveyor and cargo systems, PAT testing and more

Design meeting with Natalie & Nathan

Previously named “Traneng Ltd” which is an abbreviation of “Transact Engineering”, the name used by previous owners of the business, Mantar is the new name for a well established company. We eventually settled with the word “Mantar” after some research in to what was available to register as a domain. The word is a play on the portuguese word “Manter” which means maintain. The company primarily offers engineering maintenance and manufacturing services to its clients but is in the process of expanding in to other areas of business. The new logo therefore needed to reflect this and project a professional and multi-skilled image.

Logo design & artwork phase

I began by selecting some strong, bold typefaces for the main lettering complimented by lighter weights of each family for the word “engineering” and the strap-line where its used. A variety or bright blue, yellow, orange and red colours worked well in contrast with the lighter colours I used to highlight some of the graphics and lettering. Due to the diverse services provided by Mantar I needed to create graphic elements for each logo design that didn’t specifically refer to any one section of the company. By creating shapes and graphics similar in appearance to the letter “M” I was able to try out some different design effects. A theme suggesting connectivity and linkage fitted in well overall with the graphics. These could be referring to the different services that are all provided under the umbrella of one company, Mantar Engineering Ltd.

Individual logo overview

  1. Light background with Ubuntu bold and light for the font, metal grey and red colours with an abstract machine part graphic device.
  2. Bright yellow for the background, a series of linked tube shapes for the graphic, Tw Cen MT bold and regular font for the lettering set in contemporary lowercase.
  3. A series of polygons make up the letter “M” which sit above the main lettering in which agains a slate grey texture background, the font used here is Bree Serif regular.
  4. I have used used a blended navy blue background for this option, a group of elipses make up the letter “M” for Mantar which refer to both electrical and metal work. Also included with this version is the full slogan of the business. Fonts used here are Raleway bold and regular.
  5. Here I have opted for a brighter more saturated colour scheme. Dark blue for the main lettering and orange gradient effect in the graphic and “Engineering” lettering over a textured turquoise background. The font used here is Podkova bold and regular.
  6. Royal blue for the background and a light sky blue, white and yellow fill the for main elements of this logo design option. The graphic in this visual might represent linkages in machinery or electrical connections. The fonts I selected for this concept is Bauhaus bold and light.
  7. Big block lettering in League Gothic Regular font inside a dark blue panel with the company slogan just below in white out of the deep red background make this logo design stand out from the other options.
  8. Simple clean and fresh might be a suitable way to describe this option. A hexagonal shape sits to the left of the wording and again is intended to represent linked elements of the company. I used bright green for the background here which contrasts well with the white graphic and dark navy colour or the letters. Advent Pro and Swiss are the fonts of choice.
  9. Finally, last but not least I have created a clean and almost clinical look for this logo. The font I used for this one is Neo Sans and it works great with the contemporary cool colours and light grey background. A group of four skewed rectangles with gradient fills make up the letter “M” as per some of the other options above.

Leave a comment in the box below if you wish, it would be great to here what you think about the designs above and which one is your favourite.

Thank You 🙂

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10 Comments about “9 Logo Designs for Runcorn Engineering Company

  1. 1, 6 and 9 for me;
    1 because of the little engineering type design
    6 because of the logistics type design, but small wording
    9 because colour and lettering stands out

  2. 1,6 and 9 for me;
    1 because of the little engineering type design
    6 because of the logistics type design, but small wording
    9 because of colour and lettering stands out

  3. I don’t like the small print of extra information in any of them. If you need to print it small you won’t be able to read it. The extra information may also put off clients in the future if you expand out into other areas of engineering.

    Number 6 is good without the writing underneath.
    I also like number 8 and 9. Number 9 would be cheaper to print because there isn’t a coloured background.

    Overall I’d go for number 9 because it’ll shrink and expand well. It’s simple but also catches the eye and is cheaper to print. I also like how the company name stands out from ‘engineering’.

    I also like number 4. It looks very classy but my first thought was that it was bery like the Marriott hotel logo although it actually isn’t when I looked it up.

    Hope you weren’t expecting a short answer from me :o)

  4. Hi Natalie, I really like 1, 3, 4 & 9 they are bold the writing is noticeable and they are eye catching. I think out of the chosen four 1 is my least favourite and 4 is my favourite it looks very professional but then the writing does not stand out as much.

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