Malaga Airport Taxi Website Design

Costa Del Sol based Airport Taxi Transfer company owner Adrian Howarth contacted me having viewed our portfolio of recent work and asked me to redesign his current website!

Malaga Airport Taxis Home Page

Malaga Airport Taxi was already a good website with a solid structure running in php featuring many useful sections for their clients such as a book online facility, price and fare calculator, flight monitor and much more. However Adrian still felt there was room for improvement and asked me to create a brand new website design for his business.

I carried out extensive research into many different book online service websites concentrating particularly on airport taxi websites based around the worlds major cities and destinations. It soon became obvious there was a common theme throughout all of them, this was the prominent position of their main ‘call to action’ which in the case of an airport transfers company is the ‘Book Now’ or ‘Instant Quote’ box.

Once I was happy with the information I had gathered I began to concentrate on the colour and layout of the home page which will normally be the first place any new visitors will arrive. I decided to use bright warm and vibrant colours that you might associate with a holiday in Southern Spain. The majority of people using this site after all will be holiday makers and I wanted the website to make them feel happy and therefor more likely to make a booking.

The layout of the home page needed to say instantly to the viewers what the website was for, who and where it is and what they needed to do which is make a booking! I have tried to keep all the most important information above the fold such as company name, main information points, images of the vehicles, a friendly smile from the owner to instill trust and the CTA box to the right with a vibrant yellow gradient background.

Please go ahead and leave a comment at the bottom of this page to give us some feedback and tell us what you think, thanks in advance!

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