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When Sam Raymond of Bunches & Pots in Putney approached me to design a new website for his West London flower & plant shop I was delighted to take on the project.

bunches and pots west london flower shop pink mintputney flower shop website design background textureflower shop website design green blue

As you can see above I have tried to show Bunches & Pots florist in Putney as an elegant and well established flower and plant shop and hopefully the designs reflect this. After searching flower shop website design Sam came across Rabbitdigital and decided to contact me for his own website redevelopment. He explained that he already had a logo designed that he was very happy with and would like the new website to follow this style if possible whilst being clear, simplistic and easy to navigate at the same time.

The three website theme options above should be easy to navigate, give a clear message of what Bunches & Pots are about and showcase clearly the main bouquets on sale. I have used soft textures, mint greens, blues and turquoise pastel colours and featured variations of the colour pink which is after all a colour commonly associated with flowers & florists bouquets.

Okay, now that you have reviewed the designs I would very much like to hear your thoughts and comments on them, so please go to the comments box below and tell us your top two preferred designs – thank you very much for your time!

West London Flower Shop Website Design was last modified: December 27th, 2011 by Warren O'Donoghue
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20 Comments about “West London Flower Shop Website Design

  1. Number 3 for me. Best colour scheme. The thing I like about all three designs is that it makes it simple to select from the main 6 categories.

  2. Number two has a less sedate colour scheme than numbers one and three, which I find a little pedestrian on the eye. Love the menu options so you can choose appropriate flowers for the occasion. We chaps aren’t good at getting it right so that would be a big help.
    Good luck with the website guys !
    Haywood M

  3. A big thank you to everyone who took time to review the designs above, Sam decided on #2 with a few slight adjustments!

    Cheers folks 🙂

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