Decommissioning Company Website Design

You can see the new home page design for Warrington based marine decommissioning company, Bryan Decom Ltd below.

decommissioning company website design

Using the logo artwork provided and sampling the green, blue and grey colours from this I’ve created a new CMS website design for this high tech specialist company. Bryan Decom Ltd offer a variety of services to large organisations such as ship operators, naval forces and the oil & gas industry so a corporate design style was best suited to this project.

The logo sits best against a white background due its layout and colour scheme so I have used a gradient going from white in the header to blue in the footer. Industry related images of ships and platforms were provided so I have arranged three of them in a row of ellipses in the header alongside the main company slogan. The logo floats to the left of the main header elements with vertical key lines either side for balance. At the base of the header area the main navigation features in a clean grey format, gradient background and reverse blue gradient button background hover effects for roll over and active states.

A slideshow with a selection of images and captions comes in at the top of the main content area. Below this will be the page heading, website introduction text on the left over two thirds the width and three main services boxes occupies the right hand last third width of the home page. The base of the home page could display a full width tinted panel containing important contact information. The footer area will display site wide links to key pages and latest news posts.

If you would like to provide any feedback then please use the comment box of the bottom of this page, thank you!

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