New Hair Brush Website Design

There will soon to be a new anti-tangle hair brush range on the market, an alternative to the already popular brand available in the shops and the producers wanted to create an Information & eCommerce site to sell and promote this fantastic new product online.

hair brush website design with clean white background
hair brush website design with pink header and grey body
hair brush website design sky blue footer and header

As the high quality 3D rendered product images above show, the new “ScareDoo” hair brush is ergonomically shaped with soft curved stylish contours. I wanted to reflect these characteristics in the website designs above and so began with wireframe sketches exploring different ways to display the main content of the site. The first two designs are the more business like options of the the three while the third design is more fun and down to earth.

The website will have to perform a variety of functions. It will provide a way for customers to buy the brush online, feature latest news articles about new and existing products including upcoming events while simultaneously offering full product information for potential customers and retailers. You will also be able to watch promotional videos, get haircare advice, free gifts and get in touch using a selection of contact methods. So you can now understand the multitude of tasks this new site will need to carry out.

I plan to build the new site using both eCommerce and CMS software. For the eCommerce section I’ll be using the latest version of Opencart Shopping Cart System. When it comes to building the CMS and blog side of the website I’ll opt for the world famous and very popular WordPress Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS. Both of these systems give great flexibility and have vast libraries of plugins, free and licensed!

Main Design Features
  1. You can see with this design I’ve opted for a clean, white background with subtle tints of grey to give the illusion of profiled ridges dividing up the header, content and footer areas. I used bright colour coding for each of the four main sections. I selected orange for the “buy now button” as its the closest to red, a colour often used to encourage click through in eCommerce.
  2. I limited the colour scheme for this design to pink, purple and light shades of grey. You can see a large header area featuring the main product and logo branding with a split body background to give contrast. Clean and simple navigation buttons sit above a clearly defined boxed content area. This is where the majority of the link panels, copy and images will be featured so I have used a plain white background. The footer area sits just below and has site-wide links along with social media icon buttons.
  3. A curved shape with sky blue textured background in the header contains the “ScareDoo” logo on this design. This contrasts nicely with the light grey body background. You can see this is a more relaxed layout which fits in well with the fun & friendly highlight colours. This should appeal more to a younger audience which could potentially make up for most of the sales of this new product in the future.

Please give us your thoughts and opinions using the comment box below, all feedback whether positive or negative is welcome, just be polite and no bad language, thanks 🙂

Checkout the Finished Scaredoo Anti Tangle Hair Brush Website >>

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  1. I am drawn to number 3 as its not too cluttered and clean looking. I like the blue colouring at the top and the speech bubbles.

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