Popup Gazebos Website Design

New online retailer, Popup Gazebos, will be offering a range of very high quality gazebos available to buy online and needed a suitable website to showcase and promote their product range across the UK.

popup gazebos website design

Following a couple of brief meetings with Oliver Greaves I was presented with the details and requirements for the new eCommerce website design. I did a little research into similar online retailers and it became clear that many had opted to use busy layouts cramming as much information above the fold as possible. Thankfully this was not the approach that Oliver wanted to take, a cleaner more organized layout was the preferred direction he wanted to take.

This e-commerce website will specialize in selling popup gazebos (instant canopies) for the UK Market. There are 3 styles of gazebo available in various colour options, two of which are available in different sizes. A professional clutter free layout, easy to use intuitive navigation is also an important requirement. The website will predominately be targeting the general public however it will also offer commercial gazebos so should appeal to both groups of clients with a sensible GUI, without appearing to corporate.

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