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Cheshire based Exhibition Services Company, 3CT, contacted me with a view to revamping their current website to improve sales and better showcase the Custom Build, Modular and Hire Services they provide.

Contrasting yellow and dark grey colour way home page design

Full screen width floating content design

grey gradient background with centre boxed home page design

Following a meeting with Colin and Victoria at their offices in Runcorn, where we discussed the main areas and services to be promoted, I created three design concepts. Using the current company branding and a selection of images showing some of 3CT Exhibition Services most recent work for clients such as Adobe, Oracle and Channel Advisor, I’ve built home page visuals in a variety of layouts and all featuring elements intended to improve the websites visibility in online searches.

  1. This design features a dark patterned full background, container with a light grey background, contrasting navigation elements and quick contact form in the bright yellow 3CT branding. The telephone number sits prominent top right, a boxed promotion slider, three main services box links lower down the page and footer section just outside the main content are.
  2. A full browser window width website design with the same elements arranged slightly differently and additional link boxes for the main services provided that will be common throughout inside the footer panel to improve navigation between sections everywhere on the site.
  3. I opted for a slightly different approach with this design using a gradient background, main content inside the container, a rounded corners theme throughout to soften the look and feel of the website and an over all clean layout with subtle drop shadows and highlights on selected elements.

I hope you like the designs above and if so why not leave a comment below explaining what you like the most about them and even better which one would you choose as your favorite!

Exhibition Company Website Design was last modified: February 7th, 2012 by Warren O'Donoghue
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33 Comments about “Exhibition Company Website Design

  1. No 1 is crisp, clear and concise. Yellow is one of the best colours to attract attention and yet is rarely used. We use yellow for our Directory, to stand out, that and the fact that so to does Yell!!!!! 2nd choice No3.

  2. Hey Woz…..right
    Design 1 – the most eye catching of the 3 due to colour and the nice curve feature , strong header and menu area, nice banner style at the top.

    Design 2 – i like the open layout of this, header area not as eye catching as the last one and i prefer the banner layout in design 1, however i think the main body of the homepage along with the footer is a much stronger layout that design 1. Looks more professional and has a nice modern feel to it.

    Design 3 – Simple design, nice layout but not a stand out design as compared to the other 2

    I think overall its a toss up between 1 and 2, but i do find myself swaying to design 2 – nice modern feel to it, easy to navigate and professional looking!!

    Nice job once again!!

  3. Warren,

    In order 3, 2 then 1.

    Most people seem to prefer 1 but don’t particularly like the quantity of yellow, obviously personal thing. 3 to my mind easier on the eye.

  4. Number 3 is the winner for me with number 2 second. I think the yellow is a bit loud on number 1 .. make it easier next time and at least put one rubbish design in lol.

  5. Definitely number 1. I particulary like the rounded edge design and the layout in general is pleasing to the eye and encourages me to stay on site. Hope this helps!

  6. I think the styling of No 1 is great – but everything points to the right of the screen…(arrow on Modular Services; Enquiry Form) – perhaps if the enquiry form was moved to the left it would feel balanced? Crisp colouring / Styling though – stands out.

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