Student Directory Website Design

Student Notice Board, a website providing useful information and business listings for a variety of agencies, retailers, restaurants and service providers for students across the UK, required a redesign of the website that has been up and running successfully for over four years.

student notice board website design project

New Look Website for 2012! offers an electronic version of the traditional notice board used in universities and colleges throughout the UK

As a completely FREE service for students to find 100’s of special offers in your town/city, 1000’s of jobs, 1000’s of student pads, info on – fashion, music, finance, networking, gallery, sport, games, travel, information and a directory, encompasses all aspects discussed and much, much more!

Student Notice Board provides the link between students and businesses that has been missing until now. With easy to use sections snb provides a facility like no other. For students, it offers free listings, advice, help and links to a variety of websites, beneficial to every student. The unique layout is based on a traditional notice board and is separated into three columns – the central column provides FREE information such as accommodation or jobs and when logged in, provides location specific information for example a job near to your university or student digs within a certain area. The left and right hand columns, when logged in, contain location specific business advertisements of benefit to students.

The Student Directory provides useful local numbers for businesses within your area and even includes menus for local takeaways! Our unique ‘Special Offers’ wall contains many amazing special deals from businesses in your local area combined with national advertisements.

Working with and other quality partners, such as Accommodation for Students Student Notice Board is the ‘one stop shop’ for all your student needs. Come on board – IT’S FREE TO JOIN!

Student Directory Website Design was last modified: February 9th, 2012 by Warren O'Donoghue
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