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New Frodsham based fashion jewellers, Ti Amo Jewellery, have recently opened and would like to give you a snap shot of what they have on offer, this is the proposed website home page which will be live soon.

ti amo website home page

As you can see I have gone for a clean minimal website design, a subtle pattern background to add life and lift the container area off the page with crisp text in Georgia font for clarity and elegance. The home page layout begins with the header featuring Ti Amo Jewellery logo top left, lots of clean white space then contact details and staff photo top right. The main menu sits just beneath, extends to the full width of the browser window and also features social media links to the shops Facebook and Twitters accounts.

The main content area starts with a slideshow looping through latest product news and special offers. Next the main h1 page title, shop exterior and bullet points for the most important services information, body copy outlining in brief what the website is all about and finally product logo graphics to display the major brands on offer.

The final section of the page is the footer area, this will be a common feature throughout the whole website as will the header and main navigation. The footer also features ‘Main Pages’ links, contact details and a location map. Please leave a comment in the box below if you would like to give your thoughts and ideas.

Ti Amo Website Design was last modified: January 20th, 2012 by Warren O'Donoghue
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One thought on “Ti Amo Website Design

  1. Hi Warren,
    Looks great, not sure about the latin though … do people speak latin in Frodsham ???

    Possibly a good idea to get a shot of the interior on there somewhere ???

    I take it you need some words from me to fill in the gaps, any thoughts on wish list, (I want, I want, I want) ???

    What thoughts on additional pages ??? highlight the brands individually possibly with links, etc ???

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