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What is html5 and why should we care

The use of HTML 5 as the standard is still a long way off but I think its still worth getting slightly excited about it, unless you’re devoted to IE that is. It looks like not all of the HTML 5 features will be available even in Explorer 9.0! Not wanting to sound like a total Firefox fan you have to admire the fact that the browser already supports 77% of HTML5 features and with the release of FF 4.0 this should be 99%

So it’s worth taking a closer look at some of the changes that are coming, and how they may benefit us. It is estimated that about half of all Internet users are already using browsers that are HTML 5 ready. Firefox 3.5, Chrome, Safari and Opera are the most popular of these though the support is limited at present. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 also has support for many of HTML5 features but its still a bit patchy as the graphic shows.

Benefits such as better direct html support for drawing, animation, video and audio, geolocation APIs make location with GPS or other methods directly available to any HTML 5 compatible browser apps and client side SQL database api that can be used for storing data locally, to name a few.

Its still only a blip on the radar but html 5 is fast approaching, there might be mixed feelings from developers points of view but it’s most likely going to be powering our websites in the not too distant future.

(Graphic created by Focus)

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