iPad Keyboard, essential for the iPad user

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When you need speed and accuracy from your keyboard then the real world beats the virtual keyboard everytime, unless you have magic powers. Apples new keyboard dock for the iPad is your best solution if your planning on doing anything construction on your device, for fun, browsing and doodling then the virtual on-screen keyboard works just fine. Setup is easy once you’ve connected up the two devices it really is, as Apple always say, just simply plug-and-play. The dock has a rear 30-pin connector, which lets you connect to an electrical outlet using the USB Power Adapter, sync to your computer, and use accessories like the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

The Apple iPad keyboard dock is ideal for shopping online and paying bills especially when you’re typing in your credit card details however it lacks certain features such as using the direction keys to navigate your way through drop-down menus on some websites but over all this is a must if you want to use your iPad for more than just sofa surfing and social networking.

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