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Providing driving experiences at Oulton Park in Cheshire, Buxton Raceway in Derbyshire and other circuits across the UK, DriftOne are the number one car drifting experts.

Offering you the best Drifting Experiences, Drift Track Use & Drift Taxi Hot Rides, DriftOne are the true professionals when it comes to driving experiences and give a first class service to their customers. So when Jonathan Jones of DriftOne contacted me with a plan to revamp the website it was clear we needed to rebuild from the ground up in order to promote the company and showcase the driving events. I created three new web design options all using a similar WordPress grid format, with alternative colour schemes and main feature boxes and services panels placed in slightly different positions on each. All the cars and branding belong to DriftOne and what you will see at any of the events to present.

Take a look at the three designs below and PLEASE leave a comment, all constructive criticism is welcome and compliments are even more welcome!

website designs cheshire car drifting driftone
web design cheshire driftOne
driftone oulton park cheshire new website designs

DriftOne Driving Experiences Website Designs was last modified: July 11th, 2011 by Warren O'Donoghue
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20 Comments about “DriftOne Driving Experiences Website Designs

  1. I was stuck between choosing this one (3) or the second one. The second one is more racy, but I’m feeling mellow and so prefer these colours.

  2. The orange design (1) reminds me if EasyJet and number 2 seems quite dark. I really like number 3 as the colours stand out and it reminds me of the Subaru Rally colours. So if I saw all 3 advertised I would be drawn to 3 for sure.

  3. Number 3 is my fave. The colours are great and fit with the car colours a little better. Plus I don’t think the colours are too male orientated if the girlies are booking this experience for their fellas. In terms of layout, it looks nice and easy to navigate.

  4. Hi Woz, hope you can take a little criticism? I prefer the second option – as I think there is too much blue on the third option and I also liked the layout of the boxes on the second option. Too much orange in the first and I think it looks less expensive???

    Hope this is helpful


  5. Hey Woz….right my thoughts are:
    1: This one screams ‘i sell cars’…not i sell car experiences……too much like a car dealership feel and layout.
    2: This reminds me of a sort of ‘Max power’ type site…quite dark…and way too busy!!
    3: The colour scheme is much better on this one and the overall layout much clearer than the other two. Not mega keen on the menu buttons on the top think they need a bit of tweaking…but overall id say go with number 3!!

  6. Hi Wozzie

    I like No. 3. The other two are a bit busy for me. 3rd one is easy on the eye and has the phone no. and email address at the top which makes it easy to find on the site. Like the colours too.

    Catch up soon

    Sue X

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