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The iPad presents a wonderful tool to international powerpoint road warriors around the world, normally packing aUSB stick full of power points and a 3Kg Laptop as backup the iPad with Keynote must seem like a 0.5kg dream. Over the past few months im sure a few heated discussions with financial officers have taken place as presenters try and justify the iPad as a tool nesscary to take there work to the next level. So once the presenters have the shiny new iPad (3G obviously) and jump on the transatlantic flight over to the London to imprese the investors, having a 12 hour battery is a magic ticket and on the flight a few hours are wasted watching a few videos bought off itunes and an hour or so of casual gaming. This is followed by a little nap and then a run through of the oh so important presentation slides. Its off the flight and straight to the conference event, on arrival the technical guy asks for your presentation you smile with a cheeky grin and say its going to be off your new iPad taping your very thin case.

iPad latest was last modified: July 11th, 2011 by Warren O'Donoghue
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