Sleigh Beds Furniture Shop eCommerce Website Design

A new French furniture retailer has given me the task of creating an eCommerce website to sell their products online in Ireland, here you can see the first draft for their home page layout.

sleigh beds furniture shop website design

Dublin based are a new online retailer selling French design Lit Bateau furniture across Ireland. They wanted an elegant and sophisticated look for the new eCommerce website to show off the extensive range of fabulous products they will have on sale.

I used a clean and simple font, Helvetica Neue, for the main body of the website and a more decorative one for the header logo. After much experimentation I settled on a variety of pastel shade natural colours with a subtle pink for the highlighted elements such as links, buttons and up-sell boxes. For the main navigation and drop-downs a bright tan colour was the most appropriate to draw the users attention without being too loud.

Here are the key points about the design :

  • Overall layout and color scheme – Light soft pastel shades with floral decoration where appropriate.
  • Header area – Features logo, main navigation and product category menu, account login, currency switcher and shopping cart monitor.
  • Content area – At the top a Furniture collections promotion slider followed by the main site title, introduction about the business and the products on sale, ten furniture package up-sell boxes linked through to the relevant products pages, a little more information about the website and finally a ‘Featured Products’ panel pushing the top six items for sale each day.
  • Footer area – Here links to all the most important information on the website such as delivery information, terms and conditions, order history and so along with the business address and contact details with social media links to Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • Legal panel – Payment processing related information and logotypes with feature here including website credits, site map link and copyright etc.

I do hope you like what you have seen and if you would like to make any suggestions your comments are most welcome and can be submitted in the ‘Comments box’ below, thank you!

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