FOB Architects Website Design

Macclesfield based architects FOB Design have spent recent months promoting their company and the services they provide, they are now keen to get their website up and running as quickly as possible!

Stuart Begg contacted me having found through a web search and following a couple of meetings to discuss the project, its requirements and its target audience I began working on a cms layout structure using elements from the existing branding supplied. The new website design needed to be clean and easy to navigate whilst keeping in line with the current company imaging already in use. The website design also needed to be easy and simple to update through the cms admin area enabling Stuart and his colleagues to regularly maintain the website and its content.

Below you can see two finished page layout visuals, the main home page or landing page and a sample internal page for the ‘play’ section of the site which will showcase and promote work provided for Cinemas, Arenas, Sports Clubs, Bars, Hotels and so on! Take a look and put your comments in the box at the bottom of the page, all feedback is welcome, thanks 🙂

fob architects home page design
fob architects play page design

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