New Website Designs for Albinson Napier & Co, Warrington

Nick Davis of Albinson Napier & Co. solicitors in Warrington contacted me after finding Rabbitdigital on his iPhone! He liked the easy iOS navigation and asked me to create a new website for his Cheshire based company.

Here are 3 brand new home page website design visuals for you to view and comment on, hope you like them!


elegant website home page design turquoise banner

light grey blue purple home page design

purple background white content area flower logo

Following a meeting with Nick where we discussed the main features required for the website including preferred colours and graphics etc I set about making up the three visuals. A private client login area where the partners can keep all parties up to date on case progress and develpments was one of the key features needed. Nick also requested a file upload facility and the possible of posting videos to promote the companies various areas of expertise both of which can be placed inside their relevant pages. A new logo design was also discussed as Nick is keen to start re-branding the company stationery etc.

I have basically tried to create three individual layouts, number 1 being an elegant traditional style, number 2 featuring sketched illustrations for each of the main services provided and number 3 in a more corporate theme, all bespoke and original.

So now you’ve taken a look at the three home page designs above please leave a comment in the box below, thank you all 🙂

New Website Designs for Albinson Napier & Co, Warrington was last modified: August 17th, 2011 by Warren O'Donoghue
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26 Comments about “New Website Designs for Albinson Napier & Co, Warrington

  1. I like number 2 but with the logo from number 3. The design for number 2 is professional and the colours are good.

  2. Initially I was attrracted to number 2, but I wasn’t entirely sure about teh colour scheme. Number 1 (which I initially thought was too staid) has grown on me however.

  3. message from Graham reads:
    I vote for No 1, because of the logo and immediate visual impact. No 2 looks like every other legal site. Graham

  4. Prefer number 1. It is more traditional and simple. I don’t think a logo is the main point I think simple reliable effective is what should be conveyed.

  5. Some emails received:

    I think that the first one is best. The 2nd is too impersonal, and the 3rd makes you look as if you are advertising a retirement home. But is the first a bit too cosy and casual? I don’t know, but I prefer it to the other two. – NEDRA

    I like number 2 the best. – KRISTINA

  6. It’s between 1 and 2 for me. Number 3’s colours are a bit too busy and I’m not sure about the flower in the logo.

  7. Number 1 for me, I like the layered approach to the page elements, its also uncluttered and makes use of empty space well (if you get what I mean).

  8. Number 2 definatley it looks modern, easy to use and i love the simplicity of the logo name but with the emblem at the end it looks classy. 🙂

  9. Right my thoughts are:
    Number 1: This has a really professional air about it…however i think the font used for the company name and the main banner aren’t really strong enough. Company name doesnt stand out enough. Perhaps if you utilised the menu/banner style you have in Number 3 it would give it more impact.

    Number 2: The layout isnt as strong for me in this one and not overly keen on the use of colours, however the company name is alot more prominent in this design…but not my favourite of the 3.

    Number3: the Colours just dont work together on this…too much of a clash, however the layout is really clean and easy on the eye…and as i said before i like the menu/banner in this one…nice and strong.

    Conclusion: i would use the overall look and layout of Number 1…but ditch the banner style thats currently being used and grab the one from Number 3 for more impact!!!

    Frankie xxxxx

  10. I prefer no.1….not keen on the other two at all. I think the layout of no.1 looks really professional, but not sure about the picture at the top i.e. family. I think the top of the page should be dedicated to the solicitors maybe their name in bigger print and ‘business’ people at the top.

  11. Something about the first one makes me think more of a lawyer and a family lawyer at that. The second and third are nice too but make me think of government for some reason

  12. I like No1 the best, not too sure about the skech type of picture for number two and although I first liked the colours of number 3 but after looking at it for a bit it was a bit too much

  13. No 1 is the best out them all but the clients choice of colours on all the sites are dodgy they just dont work and they seem to battle every design .
    I think you would do well to choose your own colours and give it the Wozza touch.

  14. number two for me stood out well and looked very family oriantated. Put a modern look as opposed to the usual hum drum that is associated with solicitors (not my view) by the way.

  15. I prefer number one, it looks clearer and easier to use. The colours are less brash and more subtle which seems appropriate for a legal site.

  16. Number 1.
    I like the the way that reading is channelled from the top – down i.e. More detail is imparted on each subsequent lower band. It is bright and easily legible and somehow conveys more ‘honesty’ to me than the other two (analysing the humanism input. Sorry, can’t help myself…).

  17. I agree with Frankie,
    They’re all good but no. 3 has a bit more of a ‘fun’ feel to it than a professional look that you’d expect from a law firm. I like the logo on No. 2 as it’s the strongest and the layout of the page is nice and clean, looks easy to navigate. No. 1 looks a bit traditional – which is fine if that’s how they want to be perceived – but it’s not very strong in terms of branding.
    If I had to choose I’d go with No. 2. but replace the sketches with the images from No. 1.
    Sal. 🙂

  18. Definitely Number One of those three for me, but on any of them I would like to see a picture of the Principal and perhaps some of his staff . . . using a solicitor is such a personal thing for most people that it would be good to see with whom you would be dealing ( unless they look particularly shifty / dishonest / scruffy etc ! ).
    Haywood M

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