Mobile Phone Repair UK Website Design

Providing Mobile Phone Repair Services nationwide from their base in Runcorn Cheshire, Mobile Repair UK needed a new image and online presence to promote their professional services.

Rabbitdigital Design was recommended to ‘Mobile Repair UK’ owner Paul Hilton and having viewed our portfolio he contacted me to arrange a meeting. We discussed various options for domains, what was required of the website and the way the business operated, so after plenty of research I was very happy to take on the task. A new logo design was also required for each of the visuals to fit in with the colour scheme of the pages.

Take a look at the three design options below and PLEASE leave a comment to help us all with the selection. Keep checking back to Rabbitdigital for progress on this project.

Thanks to you all in advance for your comments!

mobile repair website design

runcorn mobile repair website design

cheshire mobile repair web design

Mobile Phone Repair UK Website Design was last modified: July 11th, 2011 by Warren O'Donoghue
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27 Comments about “Mobile Phone Repair UK Website Design

  1. I prefer number 1 as not too much text but I like the red cross from number 2 helps it to stand out as to what it does

  2. Number 1 is my first choice. The layout is straight forward and easy to follow and I like the colors. Number 3 is my second choice. The logo with the cross is pretty cool on Number 2.

  3. My fav is number 3 as I prefer the colour scheme but the red cross on number 2 is a good idea.

  4. Hi I prefer no 3 as the writing is easier on the eyes when reading, but like some parts of number 2.
    hope this helps

  5. #3 for me Warren, the colour is bold and you can clearly see the text and the layout , it also appears to be a simple, no nonsense page which would allow you to navigate your way around the site with ease.

  6. I think the middle one is the best, the blue one, I like the header from the first one too, but the header for the second is better, hope that helps!

  7. I like number two the best. Cant give an exact reason why – I just think it looks better and more professional than the others.


  8. I like number 2 the best particularly the cross in mobile and the general layout is more pleasing, to my eyes anyway. The first one looks like it could be an Orange website and number three well I just hate green

  9. 3 votes for #3 and 1 for #1 in this household purely on first impressions. I prefer #3 intuitively but #1 a close second. The white cross in #2 caught mine and Tom’s eye too although my favourite banner is on #1. Overall, I think the less complicated the page the better, but hey, who am I to preach. All 3 are excellent, just a matter of personal taste. I consider that I would prefer #1 if I was going to print it off.
    I prefer the submit form not to appear on the index page, less intimidating (read into what you may), it helps with the simplicity. I like the large and obvious different sections on the pages, helps in comprehending the content without reading it all in detail. So #3 for me. Hope this helps.

  10. Right feedback on all of them:
    Design 1: Nice overall layout however i find that the text and boxes seem to be drowned out by the sparse white background. The header and logo lack that certain punch and not that overly keen on the combination of colours.

    Design 2: The colour scheme isnt that easy on the eyes…especially the bright red on blue….makes the whole design way too busy and the text is hard to read. I do like the cross feature you have done on the logo…works really well…but as a whole i would say this is the weakest design of the 3.

    Design 3: Great colour scheme, stands out but isnt OTT….layout is clean, simple, professional looking and to the point. Easy to navigate and easy to read…logo is nice and compact…overall i think this is the best of the 3.

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