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haywood milton

Haywood Milton

Managing Director – Miltons Jewellers, Chester, Liverpool & Wirral – United Kingdom

In early summer 2014 we talked through with Warren what we needed from a website in terms of appearance, function and administration, together identifying the things which others did well. He detailed a number of routes to achieve that goal with greater or lesser involvement from out-sourced programmers, bespoke web-providers and so on. It seemed clear from the outset that the most cost-effective option was to let Warren do the project in its entirety. This would save us thousands of pounds and, we hoped, get us close to the vision we had for the websites.

We were quite wrong.

Yes, Warren invoiced us for exactly what he had quoted, but in about eight weeks he had created two fantastic websites which far surpassed what we had even dared to hope for. They were professional, modern and clean in appearance. They were easy to administer and upload or modify stock onto, such that our staff were able to pick it up with no more than a few, basic pointers. Their ease of use for customers is exemplary, such that two 80 year olds have complimented us on how easy it is to find what they want.

We now get several, significant enquiries a day through the online forms and such is the slicknesss of the site that we quickly supplied an iPad to each store, where staff and clients together can access the websites live at the point of sale. It is as if we have found the final piece of the jigsaw, turning the weakest aspect of our business into one that reflects and supports the professionalism we always demonstrated in person.

At the time of writing, only weeks since going live, we have listed well over a million pounds’ worth of stock and enjoyed sales of several hundred thousand pounds. A click on the SOLD ITEMS button shows we have sold over 100 Rolex in just ten normally-quiet weeks!

Warren is so easy to work with, so sensible and helpful that right from launch we have been able to refine and improve the sites with extraordinary speed and effectiveness. The thrill of seeing what we have now is all the more satisfying because we reached this point so easily. All of us find we can work with Warren as if he’s one of our own team.

Was it worth updating the sites? Crikey, yes! An embarrassing weakness in our business has been replaced with an effective and impressive online shop window which has already paid for itself.

Was Rabbit Digital up to the task? More than capable, with personal attention and pride in doing it brilliantly which we don’t believe any other company would have invested for us.

Did we get value for money from Rabbit Digital? Well, as a business and as individuals we were so delighted with Warren’s work that we insisted he bill us more than he’d originally quoted. It seemed obvious to us that Warren’s charges did not sufficiently reflect the added value his work brought immediately to our business. Could there be a better indication of how great a job Rabbit did?

Warren’s level and system of charging are transparent and significantly below what one would expect for the quality of work he produces. While we realised long ago that he was always very fair, he still itemises all the work and time spent on a project.

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