9 Logo Designs for a New Cheshire Spa

Opening soon in Cheshire, Skin Sanctuary Spa will provide luxury treatments and services at affordable prices, here is a collection of logo design ideas I have created for owners of the new company, Natalie and Jackie.

Design meeting to discuss the new project

During our initial meeting we discussed various style preferences and reviewed a logo style originally developed by Jackie for a company she owned Queensland, Australia. A fresh natural look and feel was agreed to be the best approach with the new logo. Thin and elegant fonts were also preferred over fussy serif typefaces. For the colour scheme we all agreed soft tones of green, blue and other more natural areas of the spectrum.

Sketching out and planning

I set out originally to do six design options and ended up with nine. The reason being that I usually start off with nine monochrome drafts after sketching out the general shape and arrangement. If I like all nine designs then its often quite difficult to decide which three to discard. You get a better idea about what particular style people prefer by giving them a varied selection. I think six to nine logo designs are just enough, any less and you limit the choice, any more can be too confusing. You can see a selection of other logo design projects that I’ve have recently worked on here and get and good idead what people think by the comments they leave at the bottom of each page.

Font and colour selection

When I’d finished creating the graphic elements for each logo, such as the swans, leaves and birds in flight and arranged the layout for each design it was time to choose the colours and font styles. I mixed various shades of green, blue and soft greys for the main parts of each logo. I scanned through my online font libraries to find the most suitable typefaces and must say I’m very please with the way they all fitted in. I particularly like some of the thin new sans serif fonts I found, they work really well with the colour scheme I eventually settled with.

Individual logo overview

  • LOGO 1 – Good old Bauhaus Light is the font of choice in this design. Stacked up on three levels in light green the main wording balances out well with the leaf graphic, suggesting freshness and naturalisation. I’ve chosen a darker green for the slogan below and used Caecilia Light here instead.
  • LOGO 2 – Here I used a bright green background in contrast to the dark coffee colour in the lettering and a light green tint for the slogan. A simple droplet and saucer sit elevated above a the main lettering where I’ve used Julius Sans One and Snell Roundhand Regular for the strap-line.
  • LOGO 3 – You can see a faint checkered background in the this logo design. I’ve used sky blue in for the lettering and simple graphic swish device. The font chosen is Quicksand Light for the main words and Corbel italic for the strap-line.
  • LOGO 4 – I took a more elegant approach with this option, a warm grey background gradient behind the logo design which features a decorative traditional flower device and stylish fonts. I used a light fawn colour for the graphic and slogan text, white for the main lettering and a very subtle drop shadow for all elements. Fonts used are Cinzel Decorative Regular for the main wording and Avenir Light for the slogan.
  • LOGO 5 – With a very light grey backrop I was able to used a nice combination of light colours for the lettering and halved lemon graphic. Stacked up on three levels the font I’ve used here is Neo Sans Regular. I limited the colours to pale cherry pink and a cool blue-grey for the main lettering. A highlighted segment in the fruit represents individuality and how the company will differ from the competition.
  • LOGO 6 – You will see a simple single line for the main words in a nice deep green again using light green coloured leaves to represent freshness. Raleway Thin and Regular are the chosen typefaces here set against a textured light background.
  • LOGO 7 – This design features a pair of swans landing together on water which is supposed to represent open space and clean air. With a very light textured background the thin shapes of the graphic and fonts all work well together. I used two primary colours here, turquoise and a dark grey with blue tones. The fonts are Josefin Sans Regular for the main wording and Semibold Italic for the strap-line slogan.
  • LOGO 8 – A bird in flight centred above the main wording represents freedom and relaxation. I’m really pleased with the turquoise background colour on this design, it balances well with the white and dark grey. You should be able to see a very subtle highlight on the bird in flight device, the same for the strap-line at the bottom and a gentle drop shadow below the main wording in the logo, this creates a little depth. The typeface I used here is Flamenco Regular, lowercase and caps.
  • LOGO 9 – Finally for this design I opted for something a little different to all the others. I have boxed in the main wording with a rectangle shape, a green gradient background helps draw attention to the wording. A green maple leaf sits at the top slightly overlapping the outer key-line with the main slogan underneath. For the typefaces I have used Helvetica light and Snell for the script effect.

I hope you like what you see and my explanation above gives you an idea of how I developed the logo designs and the reasons for my colour decisions etc. Please leave a simple comment in the box below and tell me what your favourite designs are, all feedback is welcome, the more detailed the better but a simple “I like number ?” will do just fine. Thank you!

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