Rotech Recruitment Logo Designs

Engineering Recruitment Company, Rotech, have been working on their new image and called on Rabbitdigital to look at their logo.

When Chris Smith got in touch and asked me to look at creating a new logo design for his engineer recruitment company I was very happy to help. Chris said he wanted something bold that portrays engineering and his colour preference was dark blue with grey but he said he was open to other suggestions.

The company primarily employs engineers to work on rotating machinery, gas & steam turbines and gas compressors. ROTECH represents the words “Rotating Technical Engineers” so the logo design needed to portray movement in technology somehow. I’ve created 9 different concepts below each featuring a rotating device placed in various positions around the main wording of the logos. Number 1 is a polished up version of a sample provided by Chris that he had been working on with a grey and navy blue colour scheme. The other eight logo designs are set in various colour arrangements and all hopefully put across a professional image.

My aim was to keep the designs as clear and versatile as possible to enable usage in many different medias and settings. Please feel free to comment in the box at the bottom to put across your thoughts and opinion on your favorites to help Chris in his decision making, thank you!

Rotech Recruitment Logo Designs was last modified: January 18th, 2012 by Warren O'Donoghue
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2 Comments about “Rotech Recruitment Logo Designs

  1. I like numbers 4, 7 and 8.
    I like the colours of number 4 and the design of the rotator.
    On numbers 7 and 8 I like the angle of the rotator.

  2. Alrite mate me and sarah like 2,6&7.we like the colours and design on 2 & 6,thats if you were thinking of going for a bold background.however mate we both picked seven as the best,it looks profesional not to pharmacutical or construction site like?if u know what i mean.good luck

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